About Maria

 I was born in Camaguey, Cuba and came to Miami in 1960 when I was in my teens. Throughout my childhood, I also lived in Asturias, Spain, where much of my family outside of the U.S. still resides, and in Guatemala for a time during my father's business travels. The places I've lived and visited during my travels incited a passion for Interior Design, and in my early career that passion helped me win a scholarship in the Design District.

 The texture and the color of oil painting fascinate me, and was the focus of my studies and artwork as a student at the University of Miami. I routinely exhibited my paintings as a student at the University of Miami before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. 

 The people, vibrancy of life, and surroundings in a cultural Mecca like Miami compelled me to share my passion, creativity, and craft as a teacher. Inspiring young people with art and serving as a mentor, were the perfect marriage of my interests and talents, and I continued to invest in myself as an artist throughout my teaching career. I participated in several Juried DAEA Art Shows, and in 1997, while pursuing my postgraduate studies at FIU; I won the Art History and Philosophy Painting competition and participated in the Juried Women Caucus Art Show. My love for oil as a rich medium to paint objects, spaces, and interior architecture that tell stories about people, places, history, and a moment in time continue to fuel my growth, strengthen my purpose, and give me endless enjoyment while painting.